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In the heart of the house is usually one of the most visited places in the house – the kitchen. Here the hostess prepares food, the family gathers at the dinner table not only for eating, but also for intimate conversations and family meetings. That is why the kitchen must be designed so that everyone in it is comfortable, this, firstly, and that it integrates with other areas of the house, this, secondly. The interior of the kitchen must be comfortable and comfortable. Perhaps these are the most important qualities. When developing a design, you need to skillfully choose the colors of wallpaper and floor tiles with the color of kitchen furniture. The space in the kitchen should be divided into several zones. It can be a cooking zone, the so-called kitchen zone, separated from the dining room part of it. The customer chooses the stylistic solution himself, but the specialist will already select the necessary style according to your wishes, according to which the furniture, colour and location will be selected. The style for the kitchen is so diverse that you can easily choose the one that best suits you and your family members. It can be a modern design or a rustic style. The modern kitchen design is characterized by clear lines and minimalistic decorations. Large kitchen cupboards with plenty of storage space for dishes and food will be appropriate. This style places an emphasis on visual purity. If you like a homely and simple kitchen, you can choose a rustic style. This design includes natural wood cabinets. Today it has become fashionable to mix completely different types of styles. In the development of design it turns out to be a very original move. When choosing a style of “country”, you can install in such a kitchen furniture in the style of “haytek”. Completely different styles of design look irresistible. It does not matter what style you choose to decorate your kitchen. The most important thing is that your kitchen will be able to maintain functionality and delight you for a long time.