How To Set Up A Large Kitchen: Types Of Layouts And Choice Of Appliances

Are you the lucky owner of a spacious kitchen? Well, congratulations! But the arrangement of a large space has its pitfalls. What type of layout is the best? How do you choose the right technique? Let’s solve all the mysteries.

We have repeatedly told about the arrangement of small spaces, but today our article will be useful to the happy owners of spacious kitchens that are not constricted in square meters. Of course, this allows you to plan the space of the room relaxed, without fear that some object may not fit, and thus will have to lose functionality.

But you should not relax, because even a spacious room can be spoiled by an irrational layout or choice of the wrong technique. And for your kitchen to be on top, we suggest you get acquainted with a few important nuances that you need to know when setting up a large kitchen.

We choose the perfect layout

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In a small kitchen, the layout is dictated directly by the geometry of the room itself, and we can only tune in by choosing from two evils. But in a large area, although there is no such problem, sometimes it is difficult to navigate, which layout is best suited to you. So to make the right choice, you need to know all the popular options:

Two-row layout. Most often it is used in the entrance area or in the kitchen, combined with the living room and dining room. In terms of ergonomics, designers recommend placing the hob and sink in one row and the cabinets and fridge in the other. The open door of the fridge-freezer should not obstruct the passage, and the minimum distance between the rows of the headset should be at least 120 centimeters.

Linear layout. Linear layout in large kitchens is not used very often, and it is understandable. Given the abundance of space, a rational solution is only for a narrow room where there is no other way out. Although sometimes a linear layout can be found in open-plan kitchens, where on one side is the entire kitchen set, and on the other – the dining table and chairs.

U-shaped layout. Three walls are used here, and the main thing is that the owners have unhindered access to all three parts of the kitchen. Not a bad option for a large room, but again, do not forget that the minimum distance between the parallel rows should not be less than 120 centimeters, otherwise the U-shaped arrangement will be more inconvenient than useful.

L-shaped layout. This is the most common layout of furniture and appliances in modern kitchens. It is versatile and perfect for a room of any shape and purpose. Especially in a free corner, there is always room to arrange a dining area.

Island planning. It can be a kitchen with any of the above layouts (although more often U-shaped and L-shaped), which is complemented by an island in the center of the kitchen area. Most often the island is a solid table with a worktop, built-in sink, and stove. And it is already difficult to imagine a modern spacious interior without this element. Without it, it feels as if something is missing.

As for the size of the islands, their dimensions are quite different, the main thing is that the hostess in the kitchen can get items without much effort and acrobatic tricks. Installing the island, you need to make sure that on each side around it at least a meter of free space. And in combination with the bar, it is a whole system, which goes to a new level of comfort and practicality

We choose the right technique.

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When choosing home appliances, modern consumers are focused on how they will look in the interior and how they will work. And if you are the happy owner of a large kitchen, the range of opportunities is quite large, as well as the size of future appliances. It is important to find the optimal combination of design and functionality. Home appliances from a simple assistant in the kitchen have become an integral part of the interior, and often the central part of it. Let’s not forget about the technology, the rapid development of which transferred kitchen appliances from the category of “apprentice” in the independent chefs.

Therefore, for the buyer now the main task is to choose a technique that will look beautiful in the interior and work perfectly. And the right thing to do is to start a fascinating adventure called “new kitchen” with the choice of technology and understanding of what appliances are needed, where they will be located to comfortably use them in terms of ergonomics. And it’s important to make this choice before the renovation phase so that builders bring all the necessary communications to the right places. It is advisable to do this with a qualified and experienced designer when designing your kitchen space.

Happy owners of a large kitchen can afford a whole wine cabinet or the dream of many – a full coffee center. In the first case, all wine connoisseurs will receive a protected area in the kitchen, which can be proud and surprise your guests. And the coffee center will make the life of every coffee lover more beautiful, and now the morning will be more cheerful than ever.